• Fitness Tracker Watch Wristband Heart Rate BP

    NEW Fitness Tracker WATCH Wristband Bracelet Watch Heart Rate BP iPhone Android

  • Fitness Tracker Wristband Bracelet for Android and IOS

    • Activity Method:                                               Touch the Screen
    • Information Storage:                                         Record Detailed Exercise Data for 7 Days
    • Battery:                                                           Lithium Polymer Battery (Included)
    • Working Time:                                                  Around 3-7 Day
    • Charging Method:                                             USB Charging
  • Wristband Smart Bracelet for Men Women iPhone

    Maker Band Color: BLACK, GREEN
    Operating System: ANDROID
    Band Material: TPU
    Viable Operating System: Android, iOS – Apple Storage
    Compatibility: Android 4.4 or more, iOS 8.0 or more
    Display: 0.96inch OLED Display
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