• Car Mobile Phone Holder Air Vent Mount

    • Color:                                            Black
    • Viable Devices:                               Smartphones
    • Mounting Type:                               Vent
    • Unique Feature:                              Rotatable, Hand Free
    • Material:                                         Silicone
    • Viable with all telephones: iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and all others under 8.6cms wide. ( up to 6 inches cell phones)


  • Magnetic Car Phone Holder Air Vent

    Number Of Items: 1
    Batteries Required: No
    Mounting Type: Vent
    Thing Weight: 45.5 g
    Color: dark
    Material: Made of High-Quality Aluminum Alloy
  • Magnetic phone stand for Car

    • Viable with Most PDAs, Portable Mobile phones, GPS, PDA
    • Appearance: Little size, jazzy appearance, simple to convey.
    • High-quality magnet holders make your life simpler and more advantageous.
    • Green and natural security: The material is sans contamination, green, and sound.
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