Android Box Replacement Remote Control FOR H96 PRO+


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Android Box Replacement Remote Control FOR H96 PRO+

H96 PRO+ Replacement Remote Control Details:

Compatible Model:Universal
Wireless Range:Less Than 5 m
Type:Remote Control
Compatible Brand:For A95X, for H96, For H96 PRO, for X96, for MXQ, for TX3, for T95N, for H96 series, for H96 Pro, for M8N, Universal
Power Supply:2 x AAA batteries (excluded)


  • Comfort and span and excellent grade.
  • This is the controller for the Android TV box.
  • Ideally replace your wreck or old one, just as an extra one.
  • The low power use is very plain.
  • Compact size makes it easy to hold and use.
  • Controlled by 2 AAA batteries. (Batteries are not included in the bundle)
  • This controller is reasonable for the H96 series/H96 Ace/H96 Master +/M8N/M8C/M8S/V88/M10/M12/X96/MXQ/MXQ star/T95/T95N/T95X/T95Z in addition to and other T95 series brilliant television box.

About This Item:

  • Place the controller, the modified controller (AB) and the unique controller in the TV (TV) together, as close as possible and opposite to each other (e.g. on a table).
  • Press and hold the force button on the controller (AB) in the “TV Control” section and the LED will flash rapidly. After about 6 seconds it will stay on – this means that the far end is in learning mode.
  • Press the controller button (TV) within 3 seconds. You need to assign the volume of it to the selected controller button (AB). After the LED has been streaked several times, it will stay on. This means that the button has been customized.
  • Assuming you need to program other keys in this part of the controller (AB), please redo stages 3-4.
    Programming rules for TVs that can’t get away from the box regulator working on the TV.
  • Under the (light-dim) power button in the ‘TV CONTROL’ section, there is a (red) Drove that shows the technique of operation of the boundless regulator. The controller for the TX3 is smaller than expected for an Android box


  • This controller can’t be modified for TV
  • ​This controller can’t work with CS918, Mini M8S II, KIII, KI in addition to, KII master, KIII ace, and M8S+ Android TV box.
  • This controller does exclude the batteries and has no retail bundle.

Item Included:

  • 1 x Remote controller (Battery not included)
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H96 PRO+ Replacement Remote Control

Android Box Replacement Remote Control FOR H96 PRO+