Adjustable Back Support Belt Back Posture Corrector

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Size For:

  • S: Fits waist size: 29.9”-34.6”;
  • M: Fits waist size: 33.8”-38.5”;
  • L: Fits waist size: 34.6”-39.3”;
  • XL: Fits waist size: 35.4”-40.1”;
  • XXL: Fits waist size: 37.8”-44.1”;
  • XXXL: Fits waist size: 38.5”-44.8”;

Adjustable Shoulder Back Support Belt Posture Corrector Unisex Back Brace Therapy 

A shoulder back support belt is a device to help improve posture and support the shoulders and upper back. It is typically worn around the shoulders and upper back area and promotes proper spine adjustment.

Back Pain Belt Features:

  • Quickly get a confident posture – start standing and sitting much straighter.
  • Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with an easily adjustable dual strap design.
  • Align your shoulders, spine, and upper back.
  • A lightweight neoprene corrector with padding can be comfortably worn under or over clothing.
  • When sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer, the support belt aids in preventing neck and back discomfort.
  • You can wear it under your shirt all day to retrain your posture.
  • Adjustable Size: 4 sizes available. Adjustable, breathable, and latex-free Figure 8 back posture corrector.


MPN:posture01 Main Purpose: posture SUPPORT, act CORRECTION, support, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis
Body Area:Back, Shoulder
Material:Velcro cloth + sponge + sandwich mesh
Type:Posture Corrector
Marks and Certifications:FDA Approved
Features:Adjustable, Magnetic


Size For:

  • S: Fits waist size: 29.9″ -34.6″;
  • M: Fits waist size: 33.8″ -38.5″;
  • L: Fits waist size: 34.6″ -39.3″;
  • XL: Fits waist size: 35.4″ -40.1″;
  • XXL: Fits waist size: 37.8″ -44.1″;
  • XXXL: Fits waist size: 38.5″ -44.8″;

About This Item:

  • Overall Correction: Shoulder Support Brace Pull your Upper Back to the proper position. Enhance your overall body posture during work or daily activities.
  • Use Anytime: You can use it not only when sitting on your PC or driving a car but also when playing sports or gardening. Moreover, you’ll use its reception once you do housework or watch TV.
  • Practical: Posture brace filed with Lightweight neoprene. Correct your posture all day. You’ll place on and adjust by yourself.
  • Use Daily: This lightweight support belt should be worn daily. For the first few days, wear it for 10-20 minutes only, then add 10 minutes daily. Over time, your back and shoulders will gradually adjust, developing muscle memory for maintaining proper posture.


Q: How do I choose the right Belt size?

A: Refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to select the appropriate size based on your weight range. It is essential to choose the right size for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Q: Can the Shoulder Back Support Belt be used while exercising? 

A: Before using the Shoulder Back Belt during exercise or physical activities, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional to ensure its suitability for your specific needs, as it can provide additional support.

Q: How long should the Belt be worn? 

A: The duration of wearing the Shoulder Back Belt may vary for each individual. Starting with shorter periods and gradually increasing the wearing time is generally recommended as your body adjusts. Consultation with a healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance.

Q: Can the Shoulder Back Braces and Supports permanently fix my posture?

A: No, the Support Belt cannot permanently fix posture on its own. It serves as a supportive tool, but long-term improvements in posture require a combination of factors such as exercise and conscious effort.

Advantages of a Shoulder Support Belt:

  • Improved posture: The back pain belt helps promote proper alignment of the shoulders and spine, leading to improved posture over time.
  • Reduced discomfort: Wearing a shoulder back belt can alleviate discomfort and pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting or standing.
  • Muscle support: The Belt supports the upper back and shoulder muscles, reducing strain and fatigue.
  • Increased awareness: The Belt is a gentle reminder, pulling the shoulders back to encourage correct posture and develop healthier habits.
  • Versatile and discreet: Shoulder back belts are often lightweight, providing comfortable wearability under or over clothing for daily use.
  • Adjustable fit: The Belt is often adjustable, allowing for a personalized and secure fit for different body sizes and shapes.
  • Temporary aid: While not a permanent solution, the back support Belt is a temporary aid to help retrain posture and build muscle memory for maintaining better alignment.

A back support belt can be a valuable tool for improving posture and supporting the shoulders and upper back. It is a temporary aid to help retrain posture, alleviate discomfort, and promote proper spine alignment. By gently pulling the shoulders back, the Belt serves as a reminder to maintain correct posture and develop healthier habits.


  • 1 X Posture Corrector Back Brace


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Adjustable Back Support Belt Back Posture Corrector

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