Car Scratch Repair Remover Paint Pen Vehicles Applicator Fix It Clear Touch Up


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  • Material:                             plastic
  • Color:                                 colorless
  • Weight:                               13 g/0.5 oz
  • Size:                                   142*15 mm/5.6*0.6 in
  • Composing line width:          4.5 mm/0.2 in(flat)
  • Major composition:               resin

Car Scratch Repair Remover Paint Pen Vehicles Applicator Fix It Clear Touch Up

About This Item:

  • Car Scratch Repair Remover Paint Pen Suitable for the entire vehicle, any tone, helpful and commonsense, can fix little scratches on vehicle.
  • Non-harmful plastic material makes the maintenance pen protected to utilize, long-lasting, unscented and water safe and with a solid cover work.
  • Lightweight and adequately little to take with you in a hurry.
  • This item is outfitted with two acrylic tips, fitted with acrylic tip, and the fluid is applied to the scratches and dried.
  • If there is an issue, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us first, and we will effectively address it for you! Much thanks to you for your help and wish you a blissful shopping.


  • Vehicle Scratch Repair Remover Pen Car Magic Pen
  • Magnificent plan for clearing coat scratch fix
  • Non-harmful, extremely durable, scentless and water safe
  • Convenient and easy to apply, cash saving
  • Can be utilized on any vehicle any tone
  • Ideal for vehicle darlings and drivers


Weight:13 g/0.5 oz
Size:142*15 mm/5.6*0.6 in
Composing line width:4.5 mm/0.2 in(flat)
Major composition:resin

How to Use:

  • Shake the instrument completely with cap on. Apply in concealed region.
  • Take action on a different surface. With tip pointed down, Press and Release spring tip on a surface until tip is immersed. Shield tip from daylight. It might take 40 to 50 presses to soak the tip.
  • Apply along into harmed clear coat. Work rapidly, it fixes in direct daylight. Apply at temperatures over 55 ℉.
  • Immediately clear off abundance with dry paper towel, as it can fix quickly.
  • Permit to fix in daylight until dry (1-48 hours). More profound scratches might require extra application.


  • This Pen will just fix little scratches and may require extra application.
  • This Pen doesn’t eliminate marks or profound scratches.
  • Supplant cap after use.
  • Get it far from kids.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1x Repair Pen
  • 1x Spare Tip
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Car Scratch Repair Remover Paint Pen Vehicles Applicator Fix It Clear Touch Up