Display Port to HDMI Adapter Converter Male to Female


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Display Port HDMI Adapter Details:

  • Connector Type:                                DisplayPort, HDMI
  • Brand:                                                  Unknown
  • Compatible Devices:                         PC, Desktop, Laptop, Monitor, TV, Projector
  • Power Plug:                                         Type No Plug
  • Colour:                                                  Black
  • Warranty:                                             No

Display Port to HDMI Adapter Converter Male to Female

Display Port HDMI Adapter Details:

Connector Type:DisplayPort, HDMI
Compatible Devices:PC, Desktop, Laptop, Monitor, TV, Projector
Power Plug:Type No Plug
Input:DisplayPort Male
Output:HDMI Female; An HDMI cable (sold separately) is required.

About This Item:

  • COMPACT DESIGN- The movable Mourad Uni-Directional Display Port to HDMI appendage connects a computer (desktop or laptop) with DisplayPort (DP, DisplayPort, DP) harborage to an examiner, display, screen, projector, Television, HDTV, VR headset with HDMI harborage to get clear videotape with indefectible audio pass-thru; Tuck this featherlight contrivance into your bag or fund to make a business donation, work from home, enjoy entertainment, or extend your workspace with the alternate examiner to increase productivity
  • Inconceivable PERFORMANCE-The DisplayPort to HDMI motor supports videotape judgments up to1920x1080@60Hz (1080p Full HD)/ 1920×1200 and uncompressed digital7.1,5.1 or 2 audio channels compass sound; Gold plated DisplayPort manly and HDMI womanish connectors repel erosion and bruise and improves signal transmission performance
  • Senior STABILITY-DisplayPort locking connector with latches prevents accidental disposition and provides a secure connection.
  • BROAD Comity-The DP to HDMI dongle is compatible with DP-equipped computers, pc, palace, graphic cards, and GPU of HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, NVIDIA, AMD, and other brands; Configure examiner to Mirror Mode to duplicate primary display for videotape streaming or gaming, or to Extend Mode to expand the desktop area. * NOTE It’s a NOT-directional motor and can not transmit signals from the HDMI source to the DisplayPort examiner. It’s Unresisting and only supports docking station/ mecca/ KVM that has DP binary model


  • Can only convert the signal from DisplayPort to HDMI. This is not a bi-directional adapter
  • Connect up to 2 monitors using AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display technology (One adapter per  monitor); An active
  • The adapter is required to support more monitors.

Item Included:

  • 1 x DP to HDMI Cable
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Display Port HDMI Adapter

Display Port to HDMI Adapter Converter Male to Female