Fast Charger for Samsung Plug with USB TYPE C Cable

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  • USB Cable Included
  • 150cm Micro USB Cable
  • Samsung Galaxy UK Plug Fast Charger
  • fit for Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones
  • Versatile Fast Charging to charge your gadget’s battery from 0 to half in around 30 minutes

Fast Charger for Samsung with USB C Type Cable Wall Plug

A USB C Charger is designed to charge Samsung smartphones and other compatible devices at an accelerated rate compared to standard chargers.

Features of Fast Charger for Samsung:

  • USB Cable Included
  • Fast and productive charging.
  • 150cm Micro USB C Type Cable.
  • Samsung Galaxy UK Plug Fast Charger.
  • Fit for Samsung Galaxy SmartPhones.
  • It is more advantageous to convey flawless quality. Quicker charging rate than more seasoned Samsung model chargers (the real charging circumstance is impacted by the charging climate and the functioning condition of the telephone)
  • Charging has a decent information transmission impact and is synchronized to charge information.
  • The shell is made of heat-proof material, safer for charging insurance. (Overvoltage assurance, overcurrent security, temperature anomaly insurance, lightning insurance, overwhelm security, impede)

Fast Charger Plug With USB Details:

Charger Interface:USB C Type Cable
Link Interface: USB-C to USB-C
Attachment Color:Black
Material:TPU, PVC, Plastic, Metal
Yield current:3.0A or 5A
Input100-240V~50-60HZ 0.05A
9.0V==1.67A or 5.0V==2.0A

About This Item:

  • The Samsung 2 Amp Wall Charger connects to any standard wall power source through the included AC connector, and its reduced plan implies it is sufficiently little to toss in a portfolio or knapsack when you’re in a hurry.
  • Samsung’s charging innovation enables your telephone while it charges its battery, so you can settle on decisions, check your messages, or peruse the Web while your telephone charges.
  • This Samsung charger has a result of 2 Amp to give your telephone power at a much quicker rate than your run-of-the-mill 1 Amp or 700mAh charger. Also, it comes loaded with Adaptive Fast Charging innovation that will accuse Samsung gadgets of that element worked in at a considerably quicker rate!
  • Fast Charger Plug For Use: Quick Charge 15cm Cable for Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 Edge A3 A5 A7 2016 J7 Fast Charger Plug For Use: 9V 1.67A.


Q: How does the Fast Charger work?

A: The technologies of Fast charger supply a high electrical current to your device, which speeds up the charging process without damaging the battery.

Q: Is this fast charger for Samsung compatible with all Samsung devices?

A: No, all Samsung devices do not support fast charging. So, check your device’s compatibility and know which specific charger model is essential.

Q: Can I use this charger with other USB Type-C devices?

A: Yes, you can use this charger with other USB Type-C devices, but the charging speed may differ based on compatibility.

Q: Is it safe to use a Samsung USB C Charger?

A: Fast chargers from reputable manufacturers are designed to be safe for your device. 


  • Rapid Charging: Fast chargers can significantly reduce the time it takes to charge your Samsung device compared to standard chargers. This is especially beneficial when you need a quick top-up before leaving home or during a busy day.
  • Convenience: Fast charging allows you to quickly charge your device, making it more convenient for users with busy lifestyles. You can get a substantial battery boost in just a short amount of time.
  • Compatibility: The USB-C Charger Link upholds Samsung Galaxy S22/S22 Ultra/S22+/S21/S21 In addition to/S21 Ultra/S21 FE, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ 5G/S20 Ultra 5G/S20 FE, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy note 10/note 10 +, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 5G/S10+/S10e, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S8 in addition to/S9 Besides, Samsung Galaxy A14, LG Thing V50, G8, G7, G6, G5, Stylo 4, V20, V30, V35, V30S, V40 ThinQ Plus, Google Pixel 6, 6 star, 5, 5 master, USB type c quick charger and Android Cell Phone Charger.
  • Battery Health: Fast chargers are often equipped with technology that regulates the charging process, helping to maintain the long-term health of your device’s battery. They typically reduce power input as the battery approaches full capacity to prevent overcharging and overheating.
  • Versatility: Many Samsung fast chargers come with detachable USB Type-C cables, which can also be used for data transfer and connectivity with other USB-C devices. This versatility means you can use the cable for multiple purposes.
  • Travel-Friendly: When you’re on the go, fast chargers can be especially handy. They can provide a significant battery boost quickly, ensuring your device remains operational during travel, whether for work or leisure.
  • Emergency Charging: A fast charger for Samsung, is valuable when your device’s battery is running low and you need to quickly call or access important information.
  • Customized Solutions: Samsung often offers various fast charging technologies, such as Adaptive or Super Fast Charging, tailored to different device models. This lets you choose the charger that best suits your Samsung device.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Fast charging can enhance your overall user experience by reducing the downtime waiting for your device to charge. This can benefit those relying heavily on smartphones for work, communication, or entertainment.
  • Future-Proofing: As technology advances, fast chargers can accommodate the needs of newer Samsung devices that may support even faster charging speeds. Investing in a fast charger now can also benefit your future Samsung devices.

While our fast charger for Samsung offers many advantages, using them responsibly and avoiding overcharging your device regularly is essential, as excessive heat generated during fast charging can affect long-term battery health. So, use it gently, and don’t overcharge your device.


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Fast Charger for Samsung

Fast Charger for Samsung Plug with USB TYPE C Cable

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