Fitness Tracker Wristband Bracelet for Android and IOS

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  • Activity Method:                                               Touch the Screen
  • Information Storage:                                         Record Detailed Exercise Data for 7 Days
  • Battery:                                                           Lithium Polymer Battery (Included)
  • Working Time:                                                  Around 3-7 Day
  • Charging Method:                                             USB Charging

Fitness Tracker Wristband Bracelet Smart Watch Heart Rate BP Monitor iPhone Android

Fitness tracker wristband Details:

Maker Band Color:BLACK, GREEN
Operating System:ANDROID
Network:Unlocked Case
Material:PLAIN, Plastic
Viable Operating System:Android, iOS – Apple Storage
Case Size:43mm x 18mm x 1mm/1.69″ x 0.71″ x 0.04″ (Approx.)


Viable System:For iOS 7.1 or more, for Android 4.4 or more
Waterproof Level:IP67
Show:0.96inch OLED Display
Bluetooth Version:4.0
Activity Method:Touch the Screen
Information Storage:Record Detailed Exercise Data for 7 Days
Battery:Lithium Polymer Battery (Included)
Working Time:Around 3-7 Day
Charging Method:USB Charging
Alarm Reminder:Anti-lost, Remote Camera, and so on.
Elements:Waterproof, Multifunctional, Rechargeable
Lash Size:245mm x 20mm x 12.8mm/9.65″ x 0.79″ x 0.50″ (Approx.)
Feature:Heart Rate Monitoring, Step Counting, Calorie, Distance, RTC Display, Automatic Sleep Monitoring, Call Reminder, Information Push,

About This Item:

  • 【 24 hour body temperature Examiner 】 This device is distributed by a USA company with USA FCC id, USA Bluetooth instrument, CE & RoHS instrument. This CNPGD smartwatch fitness shamus cuff band has a body temperature examiner and record function. Live body temperature will show on the smartwatch screen to help you cover your live status.
  • 【 Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitor 】 Smartwatch fitness shamus cuff band also has a heart rate examiner, blood oxygen examiner, blood pressure, step counter, distance counter, sleep examiner, pedometer, and calorie counter functions.
  • 【 Call & Message Announcements 】 This CNPGD smartwatch support real-time wobbling announcement similar to incoming call, SMS, Dispatches, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To avoid too numerous announcements, go to APP, mine, device operation, and the intelligent memorial to power on or off any announcements.
  • 【 IP67 leakproof fitness watch 】 This CNPGD watch cuff meets the IP67 leakproof standard and can be indeed worn while swimming, accompany no matter what the rainfall conditions, no need to take it off constantly ( notice Do Not use in HOT water further than 100 ℉, similar as showers, saunas, or Ocean water, etc.)
  • This item doesn’t need a charging link, with a USB charging interface.
  • In the event that you can’t turn it on, You can have a go at charging for a couple of moments. Which can cause battery misfortune and influence misfortune during transportation.

Item Included:

  • 1 x Smart Bracelet
  • 1 x User Manual
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Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker Wristband Bracelet for Android and IOS

8.9918.50 (-51%)

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