HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter Cable Video 1080p No Audio

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Item Name: HDMI To VGA Adapter

Version: No Audio, No power

Input: HDMI Male Type A 19-pin

Output: VGA Female

Cable Length: About 160mm

Color: Black / WhiteMax


Material: PC

Size: L45mm*W45mm*H15mm

HDMI To VGA Adapter Cable HD Video 1080p

An HDMI to VGA adapter allows you to connect devices with an HDMI output, such as a laptop, desktop computer, or game console, to a display or monitor that uses VGA (Video Graphics Array) input.


  • Suitable for all HDMI input and VGA output interface devices
  • A built-in conversion chip improves the compatibility.
  • Plug and Play design, without special setup.
  • Interface a projector, television, and so on with a VGA connector.
  • Resolutions supported up to 1080P (1080p Full HD) including 480P/ 576P / 720P for HD monitors or projectors
  • Advantageous change, lossless sign source transmission, very impressive safeguarding, solid enemy of obstruction execution, great transmission signal impact.


Item Name:

HDMI To VGA Adapter

Version:No Audio, No power
Input:HDMI Male Type A 19-pin
Output:VGA Female
Cable Length:About 160mm
Color:Black / White
Max Resolution:1080P


About HDMI to VGA Converter:

  • Change chip: The elite presentation computerized transformation chip is utilized to change the total HDMI-viable sign into a VGA signal.
  • Use: This link is HDMI-viable to VGA link, with sound, charging, a remarkable plan, and an ideal answer for similarity issues.
  • Excellent materials: top-notch materials, delicate body, great plastic shell.
  • Transmission security: Cool-protected loyalty plan, solid enemy of impedance execution, great transmission signal impact.
  • Viable gadgets: Interface gadgets like projectors and televisions with VGA connectors.



Q: When would I need an HDMI to VGA cable?

A: You might need one if you have a device with HDMI output, such as a laptop or gaming console, and want to connect it to an older display or monitor that only supports VGA input.

Q: Do HDMI to VGA cables transmit audio as well?

A: HDMI to VGA cables typically only transmit video signals. HDMI carries both video and audio, but VGA only carries video. You must use separate audio cables or an additional audio adapter if you also need audio.

Q: Are HDMI to VGA cables bidirectional?

A: No, it’s unidirectional and designed to convert HDMI output to VGA input. They cannot be used to convert VGA output to HDMI input.

Q: Can I connect my laptop to a projector or monitor with an HDMI to VGA cable?

A: You can connect laptops with HDMI outputs to projectors or monitors with VGA inputs.

Q: Do HDMI to VGA cables require external power?

A: HDMI to VGA converter cables usually do not require external power sources. They obtain power from the HDMI port of the source device. However, some specialized cables with additional features may require external power, so checking the product specifications is essential.

Q: Are there any limitations to using HDMI to VGA converter cables?

A: Yes, there are some limitations. These cables may not support certain high-resolution HDMI outputs and may not work with HDCP devices (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).




  • Plug-and-Play: Most HDMI to VGA cables are plug-and-play devices, which means they don’t need the installation of drivers or additional software. Connect your devices and start using them immediately.
  • Wide Compatibility: These cables are compatible with many HDMI source devices, including desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and more. They can connect to various VGA displays, like older monitors, projectors, and TVs.
  • Good Video Quality: HDMI to VGA cables can deliver good video quality when used with compatible devices and within their supported resolution and refresh rate range. However, the conversion quality may depend on the specific cable and the capabilities of your source and display.
  • Compatibility: HDMI to VGA cables bridge the gap between the modern and older VGA standards. You can connect new devices like laptops, gaming consoles, and media players to older displays or projectors that only support VGA input.
  • Simplicity: HDMI to VGA  cables are simple to use. You connect one end to the HDMI output on your source device and the other end to the VGA input on your display or monitor. There are no additional power sources or converters required in most cases.
  • Portability: HDMI to VGA adapters are compact and easy to carry, making them portable. You can easily take them with you when traveling or giving presentations.

It’s important to note that while HDMI to VGA adapters offer many advantages, they may not support advanced features like high-resolution or high-refresh-rate HDMI signals, and they typically do not transmit audio.

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HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter Cable Video 1080p No Audio

12.8618.69 (-31%)

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