USB Rechargeable Red Laser Pointer Pen 2in1 -1mw Pet LED Torch Light Cat Toy


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  • Material:                                      Stainless steel + plastic
  • Size:                                            115x16mm(length * width)
  • Laser Color:                                 Red
  • Laser Pen Color:                           Silver
  • Battery Type:                                100mah lithium battery, battery-powered
  • Voltage:                                       3.7V-4.15V
  • Power:                                         USB charging

USB Rechargeable Red Laser Pointer Pen 2in1 -1mw Pet LED Torch Light Cat Toy

USB Rechargeable Red Laser Specification:

Battery Type:100mah lithium battery, battery-powered
Material:Stainless steel + plastic
Laser Color:Red
Laser Pen Color:Silver
Power:USB charging
Size:115x16mm(length * width)


  • The laser pointer is made of an excellent metal shell with against drop clasp and cord, more convenient.
  • USB Rechargeable Red Laser Pointer Pen makes fun with your cat or dog.
  • Keep your cat or dog occupied for quite a long time by pursuing this Interactive LED Light.
  • Preparing An expert preparation instrument used to show your pet basic orders and deceives.
  • USB battery-powered. Associate with any USB port charging gadget.
  • Sliding button configuration, don’t bother continuing to press the button.

About This Item:

  • Practice Your feline will adore this toy a lot, they can’t help however to pursue it. They will stay in shape and become more dynamic.
  • Multifunctional feline canine laser pen toy. 3 Lighting capacity: Red light, LED electric lamplight, and UV light. 5 red light examples: red dab/butterfly/mouse/grin/star, more alluring to pets felines.
  • Wide application. Utilized for amusement toys for pets, felines, and canines, for local area experts, homeroom and business introductions, climbing, or open-air exercises.
  • The UV indicator can be utilized to distinguish fake cash, canine pee, pet stains, and so on. It’s additionally a convenient electric lamp light while late evening perusing and running, crisis lighting at home.
  • Incredible intelligent toy. There could be no simpler method for playing or exercising your feline than with these handheld light pointers. Your pet will be excited and involved.

Item Includes:

  • 1x Laser only
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USB Rechargeable Red Laser

USB Rechargeable Red Laser Pointer Pen 2in1 -1mw Pet LED Torch Light Cat Toy